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Pelagia noctiluca - Mayer 1910 Medusae of the World Vol 3

Organism : Cnidarian Jellyfish
Species : Pelagia noctiluca
Description : Mayer 1910 Medusae of the World Vol 3 - Plates color trimmed. Plate 60. Fig 1. Pelagia noctiluca, mature medusa, I.25 times natural size. Naples Zoological Station, November 29, 1907. Fig 2. Pelagia noctiluca. Aboral view of a marginal sense-organ. Fig 3. Pelagia noctiluca. Side view of one of the nettling-warts near the mid-radius of the exumbrella. Fig 4. Nausithoë punctata. Oral view of mature female seven times the natural size. Tortugas, Florida, April 17, 1906. Fig 5. Nausithoë punctata. Side view of mature medusa showing sculpturing of exumbrella. Tortugas, Florida, June, 1906. Drawn from life, by the author.
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