Multi-dimensional marine organisms dataviewer

An updated staging system for cephalochordate development

Description : Cephalochordates (also known as lancelets or amphioxus) represent the
sister group to all other chordates. Their slow evolutionary rate and
phylogenetic position make them valuable proxies to study chordate
evolution, both at the anatomic and genomic levels. However, the
community is still lacking detailed and standardized staging and
nomenclature systems that can be applied to embryonic and larval
development of different lancelet species. This gallery contains the
complete image repository used to generate the figures in the
publication by Carvalho et al. 2021. Based on this comprehensive characterization of Branchiostoma lanceolatum development
using confocal microscopy, the authors defined staging and nomenclature
systems that can be applied to to most, if not all, extant lancelet
species and that should thus become the new reference for defining
lancelet development. The data presented here go far beyond the two
dimensional figures presented in the manuscript and can be used to
browse and explore the development of a key organism in the field of
evolutionary developmental biology.
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