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Fertilized egg 5 minutes after sperm entry
First cleavage 45 minutes after fertilization.
Fragment of an isolated cortex from an unfertilize [...]
Gastrulation seen from the vegetal pole
Gelatinous macroplankton
Group of Pelagia jellyfish
Immature Lithoptera
Isolated Clytia gonad
Isolated cortex of ascidian egg
Just fertilized egg of the ascidian Phallusia mamm [...]
King Radiolarian
L'Oursin Paracentrotus lividus
Laboea strobila
Larvae of Pelagia jellyfish
Larve de crabe
Larve de crustacé amphipode
Larve de crustace decapode
Larve de poisson et colonie de radoliaires pheodar [...]
Larve de Squille