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Microtubule growth around the CAB in an intact emb [...]
Microtubule polymerization around the CAB.
Mouvements musculaires innés de la larve pluteus
Movie showing a fertilized egg expressing Ch-Mos:: [...]
Movie showing a fertilized Phallusia egg expressin [...]
Movie showing a P. mammillata egg expressing Ci-cy [...]
Movie showing two fertilized eggs undergoing meios [...]
Nocodazole pipette to depolymerise CAB proximal mi [...]
Nocodazole pipette to depolymerize microtubules at [...]
Nocturnal finger retraction in the dinoflagellate [...]
Ovulation in an isolated gonad
Pelagia - Fearsome Jellyfish
Phallusia and Paracentrotus embryos
Phallusia development from neural to tadpole
Phallusia mammillata metamorphosis
Protists 2 - Radiolarians, Acantharians and Forami [...]
Sea Urchin - Planktonic Origins
Spawning of Clytia hemisphaerica
Supplementary Movie 1. Bright field movie showing [...]
Supplementary Movie 2. PB2 emission in the bivalv [...]